Personal Development

What is eating up your time? I find interruptions and distractions keep me from my most important work. Most come in the form of emails and phone calls. Have you heard of the 4Ds? Before responding to any request, filter them through the 4Ds:
  1. Delete (or drop). Scan through all your emails for unwanted emails. I can usually delete half or more of my emails without opening them. I am especially brutal when I return from vacation and have to go through a backlog of emails.
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Project Management

Do you have an idea for an improvement but don’t have the time or resources to implement it? Your idea could be for something totally new or a change to an existing process. But you need to organize a team of people from different parts of your organization, perhaps including some volunteers. How do you get people who may be interested in your idea but are too busy with their duties to commit to your project? How do you work out a schedule and determine where there is room for delays and when there is not? How do you assess risk and plan an appropriate response?

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Facilitation Skills

Facilitation taps into the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who are present. It values the contribution of each individual. It then guides the group towards a collective way forward, if not a decision. This is done in a way that respects the individual and respects the group. This workshop will introduce you to facilitation skills:
  • to lead effective meetings and projects;
  • to develop self-organizing agile teams;
  • to build cross-functional teams across multiple departments and organizations;
  • as a style or posture of leadership.
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